Murder Mystery

I have been running murder mystery evenings for private groups, events, restaurants and hotels throughout Scotland and Italy since 2007.

The two I tour myself are Lights, Camera, Murder! and Death and Sandals, both of which are available to hire if you’d like to book them for your venue or event.

Lights, Camera, Murder!

The year is 1932 and the glamour of Hollywood has descended on a sleepy little town to film the latest epic of the silver screen.

But when a young starlet dies in mysterious circumstances all is not as it seems…

Expect murder, mayhem, and lots of bad jokes!

Death and Sandals

The Emperor Silvius Berlisconius has been murdered in his villa.

But who could have done it and why?

Was it Angela Murky, was it Antonius Blairarse or possibly Gorgeous Georgeous Bushius? 

There’ll be political intrigue, togas and plenty of puns!

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