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Outlander and Netflix

So over the past month I’ve been recording voiceover for the new series of Outlander. Which has been loads of fun voicing various characters.
And I’ve also been in a muddy field playing a small role in a new film with Sigma Films and Netflix about Robert the Bruce.
Having played more theatre roles than film roles the experience of both projects has been fascinating. Hopefully they both lead to more film work!

Italian tour of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

I’ll soon be going back into the rehearsal room with Charioteer Theatre, as I join them for their Italian tour of Acting Out! – A Compact Coriolanus 

Duncan Kidd’s new adaptation transforms Shakespeare’s classic into an interactive comedy. 

As a theatre company attempts to stage Coriolanus their own struggles mirror the story of Shakespeare’s play. An exhilarating, thought provoking and funny play about love, loyalty and finding one’s place in society.

I’ll be playing Menenius for the play’s run at Teatro Stabile in Genova, 28-30 March.

After the play’s run I’ll be back in Milan and Switzerland, teaching and directing with some of the schools and youth theatres I regularly work with.

I’m really looking forward to working with Charioteer and to be back working in Italy.

You can find more information and can book tickets for the play here.

The Italian Job!

In October I’ll be back in Italy, running another murder mystery evening and teaching workshops in stage fighting and slapstick.

I’ll also be working with The Benvenuto Players again, choreographing the chases and fight scenes for their upcoming pantomime.

Can’t wait to be in my adopted home again!!

Emerald Diaries at Edinburgh Fringe

At this year’s Edinburgh Fringe I’m looking forward to playing four different characters (and playing the ukulele!) in Kingdom Theatre in Emerald Diaries, a new musical featuring Irish dancing and folk songs.
It’s audition night in Leith for the local Irish dance troupe, but surely this young lad is not a dancer? Maybe he can sing, or is he just on a date with one of the girls? Anyway, there are dances to rehearse before a gala performance and already the instructor is stressed with her girls – what could possibly go wrong? 

This new musical premiere has live Irish dance, comedy, Scottish songs and a love story produced in association with Scotland’s award-winning Siamsoir Irish performance dancers, with specially composed music and toe tapping standards to savour.

Emerald Diaries will be at Greenside Venue in Nicolson Square from 5-27 August at 8:40pm (except 14 and 21) and you can buy tickets here.
Hopefully see you there!

New tour for The Moonlit Road


Excited to be heading out on the (moonlit) road once more with this superb wee piece!

Also looking forward to working with Andy Corelli, Caroline Dunford and Graham Gibson again…
the actor (Philip Kingscott) does great work… drawing us into the what-happens-next tension of the gothic tales.
The Scotsman

Kingscott turns the entire performance around, gaining stamina and ultimately leading to an extremely captivating performance… his passion brings each story to life, embodying every character be it man or woman with equal vigour and giving heart to the tale.
Edinburgh Guide

25th September at 8pm

Cockenzie House, Cockenzie
16th October at 7:45pm

Cumbernauld Theatre
23-24th October at 8pm and 24th October at 2pm

Sweet Venues (at The Old Flour Mill, Commercial Street), Dundee
27th October at 7pm

Regal Theatre, Bathgate
28-31st October at 8pm

Summerhall Edinburgh
1-2nd November at 8pm

Byre Theatre, St Andrews
16th January at 8pm

Birnam Institute, Dunkeld

Tickets and more information at:
Hopefully see you at one of the shows!

Complicite Masterclass, Theatre, Opera, Comedy and Concerts!

Due to various funding and timing issues I’ve been having a month off from performing at the Edinburgh Festival this year, and what a fun month it’s been.

It’s been a great opportunity to see work by some amazing companies (personal highlights have to be 1927’s The Magic Flute, Complicite’s The Encounter and Paines Plough’s Lungs) and to meet up with former theatre colleagues and collaborators (some who’ve come from as far away as Japan) performing in Edinburgh for the month.
I’ve also had the chance for some brilliant training and development opportunities. The highlight being selected to take part in a two day masterclass with Complicite Theatre Company. It was a great insight into new ways of devising and creating theatre, that I’m looking forward to using in my own work.

Now feeling energised for all the creative endeavours that lie ahead in 2015!

Referendum-based comedy in “Leaving George”


This week I’m playing Alex Salmond, Jim Murphy and a host of other characters in “Leaving George“, a sharp and funny satire based on the Scottish Independence Referendum.

I’m lucky enough to be working with SpartaKi Theatre again (having worked with them in “Inky Darkness” 2008).

Leaving George

Happy with the result last September? Here’s your chance to have another vote! Andrea almost left George last year but they decided to stay together. He promised change and made a vow. They had marriage counselling with Mr. Smith, but Andrea is swithering again. Now the couple are on a tabloid talk show to discuss their differences. A procession of recognisable Referendum characters, including the couple’s children Ric and Margo, George’s brother David and Andrea’s friends Nicola and Alex, come on to give advice. Then the audience decide. Independence for Andrea? Or are they Better Together? And what happens next? (

Leith Festival at The Constitution Bar, Leith (Venue 201)   

18-19 June at 7:30-9pm

20 June at 2:30-4pm

Tickets: £7 (£5 concessions)

See you there!


Moonlit Road – Interview


I was interviewed by the nice folk at Strathpeffer Pavilion for their blog recently, ahead of performing The Moonlit Road there at the end of the month.

You can read the full interview here:

Q&A with Philip Kingscott
We caught up with Philip Kingscott director and performer, who brings us a fantastically spooky and ghostly piece of theatre this May.  
Pavilion: Who are you and what do you do?
Philip: My name is Philip Kingscott, and I’m the Artistic Director and founder of Peapod Productions (I’m also performing in the company’s current show “The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales”)
Pavilion: Will this be the first time you have been to Strathpeffer or the Highlands?
Philip: No, I stopped in Strathpeffer for a coffee a few years ago enroute to doing some dolphin-spotting nearby and I thought it was a beautiful wee town!
I’ve had lots of happy holidays in the Highlands over the years and previous Peapod shows have been to Skye and Inverness.
Pavilion: Why do you do what you do? How did you get into this line or work? Who or what inspires you?
Philip: For as long as I can remember I’d always wanted to perform. I was in my local youth theatre in Livingston from when I was 10 (I’m actually on the Board of the youth theatre now), and when I finished school I went to college and university to study acting.
I’ve been working professionally as an actor for the past six years and I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the UK and abroad (including recently playing a lead in a run at Italy’s National Theatre in Milan).
I love the unpredictability of the job, I could be Hamlet one day and an astronaut the next. You also get to work with some amazing people in really cool places. I don’t think I’d cope in a regular job!
Though it might sound a bit cheesy I find my family really inspiring. They’ve always been supportive of what I do and have always encouraged me to pursue whatever I want as long as it makes me happy, which is pretty great.
Pavilion: What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a performer?
Philip: Be really sure it’s what you want to do.
The hours can be long, the work can be very unpredictable and you’ll probably have to work more than one job just to pay the bills!
Think about other areas of performance first (directing, writing, sound, lighting, producing, designing, etc), but if you can’t honestly see yourself doing anything else then go for it!
Pavilion: What’s the best experience you have ever had as a performer?
Philip: I played a small part in “The Wicker Tree” (the sequel to “The Wicker Man”). It’s the biggest film I’ve been in and to be on set in costume for a few days dancing and singing round a giant wicker man and then seeing it all go up in flames was a pretty amazing experience.
Pavilion: For anyone who may not have seen your show, can you tell us what it’s all about?
Philip: It’s about a young man who fears his family is haunted by a curse of violence and madness. Is it really curse, and if so has it reached him?
The play is based on the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, M.R. James, Ambrose Bearce and many others, and has been co-written by Caroline Dunford (an internationally bestselling crime author). So if you enjoy a spooky evening at the theatre then this show’s for you.
Pavilion: Can you describe your show in 3 words?
Philip: Engrossing, chilling, nightmare-inducing.
Pavilion: If you hadn’t been born in this century, when and where would you like to have lived?
Philip: Probably mid to late Victorian era, I could’ve met some of the great ghost story writers in person and I think I’d look pretty good in a top hat!
If Philip has got you interested in his latest production The Moonlit Road and Other Ghostly Tales please visit our website to find out how to book.
Thursday 28th May at 8pm
Strathpeffer Pavillion
Tickets: £10

Highland Tour with The Moonlit Road

Following the recent tour of Italy and Switzerland I’ll be back on the road with The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales at the end of the month.

I’ll be in Strathpeffer and Thurso, I’ll also be leading a puppetry workshop for the younger members of the Thurso Players (a terrific amateur theatre group, who I helped teach staged fighting to last year) and running a murder mystery evening for the older members of the group.

Here’s the ticket details

Thursday 28th May at 8pm
Strathpeffer Pavillion
Tickets: £10
Friday 29th May at 7:30pm
Mill Theatre, Thurso
Tickets: £8 (£6 concessions)
Available in advance from McBeaths, 6 Traill Street, Thurso or 01847 892 364 
or available on the door

Back in Italy, teaching and performing

At the end of April I’ll be back in Italy and Switzerland. 
I’ll be teaching workshops in staged fighting, puppetry, directing, improvisation and Forum Theatre in Milan, Lugano, Ispra and Varese.
I’m also doing two special performances of The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales (La strada illuminata dalla luna e altri racconti di fantasmi) in Ispra in Italy and Lugano in Switzerland.
Sala Serra, Ispra
(organised by The Benvenuto Players)

Friday 24th April at 20:00
Tickets €10 (€5 Students)
Booking: or available on the door
Il Cortlie, Lugano
Tuesday 28th April at 8pm
Tickets: CHF 25 (full price), CHF 18 (students/concessions), CHF 10 ( school pupils) 
Booking: 0919 222 200 or
Hopefully see you at one of the performances. Don’t worry though, as there are also lots of UK dates planned for The Moonlit Road later in the year.