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The Dreaming Prince – Italy Tour

I’m currently back in rehearsals with Charioteer Theatre creating The Dreaming Prince, a new one-man show by Rebekah King about Oscar Wilde, in which I get to play the famous man myself!

Oscar Wilde has got himself into trouble. He may be studying at Oxford University, but that doesn’t mean he can get away with talking back to his tutors. Grounded in his room till the ringing of the morning bell, Oscar uses his imagination to weave a new story: the tale of the Dreaming Prince.

As Oscar tells his story we discover more about him, his inner thoughts and the man he will become.

“I’ll be a poet, a writer, a dramatist. Somehow or other I’ll be famous, and if not famous, I’ll be notorious.”

Next month the play starts a very short tour of theatres in Italy, with hopefully a larger tour planned for 2019.

• Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna

Wednesday 21st March

• Teatro Comunale, Casalmaggiore

Friday 6th April

Behind The Screen – Traverse Theatre

For the past couple of months I have been developing a shadow theatre piece with Jessica Innes and Paul Hernæs Barnes about social media.

Behind The Screen (Social Butterfly) is a shadow theatre piece which uses traditional and modern forms of shadow puppetry to comment on the pressures of conformity for young women in society.

Creating this piece has been a great challenge. Incorporating traditional shadow theatre, overhead projectors and slides, various lighting techniques and sound effects to tell the story.

We’ve already had an early scratch showing at Assembly Roxy and a development week at Summerhall late last year, but now we’ve been invited to show our work in progress at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Manipulate Festival of puppetry and animation.

We’ll be performing to a sell-out audience at the Traverse on Saturday 3rd February. You can find out more about the event here.

Hopefully then next step for the piece will be full funding to complete the show and tour it to schools and theatres in the future.

Playing a spirit in a show about spirits…

You will have the opportunity to see me perform at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but as a ghost!

I will be the spirit of eighteenth century distiller John Stein, in Edinburgh Gin’s show “The Art and Science of Gin“.

Edinburgh Gin presents an interactive, full sensory experience using projection mapping technology, taking you on a journey of gin discovery. Step into an immersive environment exploring the art and science of gin, through the lens of Scotland’s historic, innovative capital city. Surround yourself in the sights, sounds and flavours of Edinburgh’s favourite spirit.

I did green screen filming for the show a few weeks ago and it’s looking great so far. Can’t wait to see the finished show!

You can catch my ‘spirited’ performance at:

99 Hanover Street (Venue 509)

Aug 4-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27 at 13:30, 15:00, 16:30

You can book tickets and find out more here.

“On Air” in Italy

Next month I will be back in Italy, teaching workshops in radio drama and voice skills for the Benvenuto Players group in Varese.

As well as looking at the different skills required in using your voice for voiceover and radio, we shall also be exploring at various classic and contemporary radio scripts. We will also be creating our own live sound effects!

The evening will then conclude with a performance of various classic comedy scripts from Hancock’s Half Hour, Round The Horne, The Goon Show and many others.

I’ll also be helping to create a piece with the younger members of the theatre group called “Where Do I Belong?”. It will be a devised piece looking at the different issues of migration and identity that we all seem to be facing at the moment.

Looking forward to a few creatively charged days with a terrific group of people!!

And if you’d like to see our live radio  performance then “On Air” will be at Sala Serra in Ispra on Saturday 10th June at 7pm.

Another Italian Tour With Charioteer Theatre


Right now I’m in rehearsals again with Charioteer Theatre, about to tour some of the most beautiful theatres in Italy with the two plays we toured last year with Teatro Piccolo (Italy’s National Theatre)

I’ll also be teaching Shakespearean-influenced stage fighting classes at schools throughout Italy whilst on tour.

A Performance featuring rap music and Shakespeare’s verses.

Five people cannot make a decision; whether it is because of cowardice, because of love or for convenience, they leave their choice to destiny.
Cremona 13th February, Teatro Ponchielli

Bologna: 24th February, Arena del Sole 

Vignola : 25th February, Teatro Fabbri

Romae: 10th March, Teatro del Lido di Ostia 

Belluno: 11th March, Teatro Comunale  


Two actors, a radio speaker and a technician get stuck in a Scottish radio station, while running a radio program on Shakespeare, because of a terrible disaster that has affected the whole world and possibly destroyed the entire population.

They don’t know if there are any survivors…

They don’t have any contact with the external world…

They don’t know how the future will be…

They can only wait…
Turin: 15th-19th February, Teatro Gobetti

Reggio Emilia: 20th February, Teatro Ariosto 

Rome: 7th March, Teatro Sala Umberto 

Shakespeare vs Shakespeare – Piccolo Teatro, Milan


I’m also currently in rehearsals with Charioteer Theatre with “Shakespeare vs Shakespeare“, a new play which we’ll be performing at Piccolo Teatro (Italy’s equivalent to the National Theatre) in Milan 19-23 January.

A group of actors reciting Shakespeare for a radio programme are trapped inside the radio station after a terrible disaster strikes the Earth and, possibly, wipes out the entire population.

They decide to keep acting, choosing scenes from Richard III, Measure for measure, Julius Caesar, The tempest, and Romeo and Juliet, in order to survive, to remain human, and in the hope that someone out there is still alive and listening…

After the run in Milan I’ll be touring various theatres in Italy with “Shakespeare vs Shakespeare” and “To be or… Note!“.

Autumn Tour – The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales


This autumn I will be producing and performing in “The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales“, a new one-man ghost story by Caroline Dunford and Graham Gibson.
I’ll be touring the show with my company Peapod Productions to theatres throughout Scotland, before touring Italy and Switzerland with the show next year.

The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales
by Caroline Dunford and Graham Gibson

A young man crouches in the corner of his bedroom late one night and waits.
He waits. He waits, for something terrible to come for him.
This town is the home of many a strange tale. Disturbing events, skeletons in closets, things half glimpsed.
But our young narrator isn’t afraid. Because his own tale is perhaps the strangest and most disturbing of the lot…

The Moonlit Road is a new one-man ghost story, adapted and inspired by the writings of Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allan Poe, M.R. James, Bram Stoker, and many others.

“the otherworldly quality of Philip Kingscott’s performance”
The Scotsman on The Garden

“Peapod Productions is barely a year old, but on this evidence the company is already shaping up to be one to watch”
The Herald on Passing Through

31st October at 8pm
Howden Park Centre, Livingston
Tickets: 01506 777 666 or at

2nd November at 8pm
Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine
Tickets: 01294 274 059 or at

8th November at 8pm
Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline
Tickets: 01383 602 302 or at

13-15th November at 8pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh
Tickets: 0131 556 9579 or at

20-22nd November at 8pm
Tour of Scottish Borders (venues tbc)

Look forward to seeing you there!

“A Beautiful Game” – reading


Excited to say that I’ll be reading at the launch of Emma Mooney’s excellent new book “A Beautiful Game” on Thursday.
I’ll be reading extracts at the launch evening at 1912 in Bathgate at 7:30pm on Thursday 4th September.

Robbie MacFarlane is a disappointment to his father.
Named after the top striker of Hearts Football Club, his dad calls him their lucky mascot, but Robbie has two left feet and secretly spends his time in the world of books.
His dad says books are for girls.
A Beautiful Game is an honest, deeply moving coming-of-age story that will spirit you back to the days of school bullies, first dates and graffiti on playground walls.

You can buy the book on amazon today, or on the night.

See you there!

Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess


Also very excited to be joining the cast for LR Stageworks and Cadies Productions stage adaptation of Robin Mitchell’s successful children’s book Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess!

I’ll be playing Guffy (the princess’s faithful servant and sidekick)

Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess
31st July – 24th August (except 12th) at 11:30am
New Town Theatre, George Street

She’s a princess and she farts. What more do you need to know?

Can Princess Pumpalot protect Wiffyville Castle from the invasion of the evil Low-Flying Gnomes? Will she win her battle with the nasty Prince? Who will take her to the Royal Birthday Ball?

Based on the top-selling book, this is a fast-paced, fun-packed show for all the family.

Warning: farting will take place during this performance and audience participation is compulsory!

2013 Edinburgh Fringe ***** smash hit show

You can book tickets here



Silence in Court and Conflict in Court


Delighted to be working with LR Stageworks in Silence in Court” and “Conflict in Court at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I’ll be playing Callum Patterson (Defence Lawyer) in Conflict In Court
31st July – 24th August (except 12th) at 4:30pm
New Town Theatre, George Street

The long awaited follow-up to Silence in Court

The Right Honourable Marcus Ballie MP is suing Shirley Ann Knot for libel after her paper, The Daily Globe, ran a story claiming he paid a rent boy to spend the night with him. A family man, the Tory MP claims there is no truth it the claim and is seeking damages. It seems like a straightforward case until an unexpected witness arrives to take to the stand. Who will win, tabloid editor or Tory MP?

Only you, the jury, can decide.

And I’ll also be playing Callum Patterson (Defence Lawyer) in Silence In Court
31st July – 24th August (except 12th) at 6:00pm
New Town Theatre, George Street

Jennifer Lyons claims rape. Charles Brand claims it was consensual sex. There are no witnesses. There is no evidence. You, the audience, are the jury and must decide – guilty or not guilty.

“An uncomfortable yet engaging and profoundly thought-provoking experience” ***** Edinburgh Evening News

“Highly recommended show” **** Fringe Review

You can book tickets and find out more here